8 Ways to Make Your 2019 E-Commerce Site User-Friendly

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For a successful business, it is crucial that your e-commerce online store is not only made on the most powerful e-commerce platform but also user-friendly, allowing your users and customers to easily navigate with full confidence. Always remember, for a successful e-commerce site, you need to think like a customer, how they will feel about your site when they will visit it. It is evident from past experiences and thinking pattern of the customers that they have a way too short attention span, they are impatient and if they are not able to understand the site or the design, they have complete tendency to scroll through the website without looking at anything, ultimately leaving the site confused and frustrated.

Therefore it is important for all the e-commerce sites to look into these different ways to enhance your e-commerce store experience without any compromise over the user interface Time to convert your website into a user-friendly website, helping yourself in capturing leads and getting business with ease and peace.

Fast Loading Time

It is one of the most fundamental elements to consider when you are creating an online store is keeping in track the speed of the website. It is the challenge for the businesses to ensure that their online store is working speedily with a fully optimized experience. It is studied that a visitor is going to leave your website if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load. There can be many reasons why your site is slow, for example, you are using heavy images that are not optimized, your hosting service provider is of low and poor quality or the backlinks are too heavy to load. It is important that you are hosting your online shop with a trustworthy web hosting provider. Test the speed and the performance of your site form a reliable source or Google Webmaster.

Clear Logo and Branding

It is crucial to capture the attention of your visitor within a few seconds, as soon as he enters your web store. For this, your brand logo must be clear with confident design along with crystal clear branding alongside. Your logo should be attractive enough that the visitor takes time to see it as well as the branding should be completely clear that the visitor can judge in a second that would he be able to find that product or service he is looking for on this site or not.

Promotional Offers Accompanied With Free Shipping

Online shoppers always feel enthusiasm when they hear about a deal. It is evident that promotions are eye catchers and attention grabbers, especially if offered with free shipping. It feels like an incentive for a customer to get a promotional deal that has free shipping as well. With these promotional deals and free of cost shipping, the customer feels confident regarding your online store and there is a chance of an increase in your conversion rate with reduced abandoned shopping carts and boost in your average sales rate and scale. Make sure your promotional deals are well placed on your site that can be easily visible for the visitor in no time.

Trusted Payment Option Icons

The credibility of your online store paves a way towards the heart of your customer, which can help in conversion and a lead from him. One of the easiest yet powerful ways to gain attention along with trust of the visitor is by showing him the trusted payment options icon on your site. All the e-commerce website development services provider must make it certain that these payment options are clearly visible. By implementation of trustworthy payment icons throughout your site, the customer will feel more confident towards your site.

Social Media Links

Today, social media plays a pivotal role in the success of a business. There are many visitors that will check out your social media links on your site to check how many followers you have, what are customer’s feedback on your pages and how often you post for offers. Therefore it is important to make your social media icons highly visible and prominent on your online store. There is also a way to engage your customers by giving an incentive such as a promotional deal if they will follow your social media pages and groups. This is an interactive way to keep your customers engage with you so that they can always get updates regarding your new offers.

 Reliable Customer Service

By offering valuable and dedicated customer service to your online visitors, your customers’ confidence will be built up. Today, the visitors are looking for the following cutting-edge customer service for them:

  • Convenient contact information
  • Live chat option or click-to-call support
  • Social Media icons
  • About Us

By adding these support system and convenience to your website, your e-commerce site would be able to offer the exact same level of customer satisfaction a visitor gets when he goes to a physical store. This helps in the increase in your conversion rates and help in building customer loyalty.

Convenient Return Policy

As a customer, checking the return policy of the e-commerce store is the first thing to do, before making a purchase. It is known for the reality that unless and until you don’t get the product in your hand, you cannot be sure about its quality and durability, therefore before making the purchase, every customer loves to know how well your return policy is. It is crucial that your return policy is easily visible because if a customer finds it hard to find your policies, this will leave a negative mark over him, making him less confident about you. Be as clear and specific as you can in your return policy area, leaving no stone unturned.

 Quality Product Pages

The way you will present your products on your web page makes your image in the eyes of the visitor. Presenting your products or services with a high-quality description with high-resolution true images of the product helps in leveraging the sales pitch as well as building confidence among your customers. Your product specification and description should be specific and relevant so that your customers feel easy to understand it. All the online customers need detailed and clear images, describing the image with perfection. It is a new trend to involve a video too on your product page. If you are adding a real video of your image, the visitor will find it more convincing to see its quality and all the dimensions of the product with ease.

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