Don’t Make These Mistakes When Budgeting Your App Development

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There is a difference between spending your money on application development and spending that money wisely on application development. Especially when talking about the startups or SME businesses, their every single dollar needs to be spent with precision and serious discussion with careful budgeting. The development phase of your brand requires planning and budgeting, though it is your web development, or your mobile app development, once you start the development process you require funds to keep the progression going. There is coding, designing, frontend and backend of its marketing, promotional activities, maintenance, backup work, security, trademark and copyrights etc. The list is long therefore if you are out of budget your product or service will suffer.

With a little care and planning with precision, you can easily avoid some mistakes that might result as an expensive mistake for you later on. With proper budgeting and financial planning, you can ensure a brilliant backend with the splendid frontend, making your application smooth and fast running.

No Budgeting For Proper Backend

The foremost point to understand is that the steel and cement that makes a building strong is what the backend of your application is, whereas the paint over the building is the frontend of your application. Without strong roots, your building will collapse, similarly, without robust backend your application will demolish. Therefore it is evident that you are not visually experiencing the steel and cement used, but, you are aware if you compromise over its quality your building will crumble down soon. Same goes for the backend, you cannot see it but it is actually the backbone of your mobile application.

Before budgeting for your application development, ask your mobile application development services company about the cost. Discuss their backend and coding team and take samples from them to understand their brilliance properly. There are a lot of app development companies who are compromising over the backend of your application. Don’t adjust for a low-cost app development solution that fails in delivering bad backend coding.

There is no way to ignore the importance of backend and trust us there is a lot of work that goes into the development of backend that can support a feature-rich application handling massive web traffic. There is a dire need of capable servers that can handle the load and pressure with the exchange of data with speed. The app requires adequate security layers that can handle users’ data and privacy with ease. Just a single slip, and boom, it’s gone! A compromise to your millions of user’s accounts is definitely not affordable for you at all. Your application must open within three seconds because every user spending more time on your app waiting for the response is going to leave your app after a few minutes. To ensure seamless performance, slice the images down, use cache information, reduce HTTP requests, use loading authentications, minify CSS, make sure to re-use data templates, compress and resize your images, use application monitoring etc.

No Allocation of Post-Launch Budget

Well, cooking meals is easy, but getting customers to choose your restaurant over other restaurants is the difficult part. Spending all your money in making and preparing delicious foods won’t bring customers to you. You need to ensure a healthy and inspiring restaurant ambiance with marketing and advertising about it will attract the attention of the customers. Talking on the same analogy, it is crucial to have a post-launch budget for your mobile app launch.

For your new mobile application launch, you need to allocate money that is required for its promotion, creating a buzz around, advertisement designing and all that means of marketing that can be noticed by your target audience. The logic is never that if you have made the mobile application and people will come right away! Never, as it requires momentous marketing and promotional activities that can create a buzz about your arrival. Invest in strategic marketing and create a balanced promotional strategy for your brand.

Underestimating the Differences between Mobile Apps and Websites

There are many startups and SME businesses that think they already have a website and making a mobile edition of it is not a big thing, therefore, they budge a small fraction of money for it. Yes, it is true that when you already have a successful website, you already have content that can easily be integrated to your mobile app version, but, mobile app development is completely different science which should not be ignored at all.

Mobile applications integrate with your device features such as camera, GPS and calling facilities. The application detects your current location and then provide you with specific services, such as discounts, promotional info etc. Since mobiles have limited screen size, therefore it is crucial to managing the space with efficiency utilizing all the available area in such a manner that no point can be ignored at all. Feel the difference and make sure that you allocate a budget for the development of mobile application.

Not Budgeting For Different Platforms

There are many people who believe that if you make one mobile application then it can be run across all the platforms with ease. But the reality is that if you developed the mobile app for Android and you wish same to be integrated with the iOS device then this is the biggest misconception ever. You need to develop practically two different native apps like from the scratch for your Android or iOS devices which cannot be used for any other platform. You need to develop another version for your Google Play Store or Apple App Store or Amazon App Store or Blackberry App Stores etc. From the code to the final design, all these platforms require their compatible mobile application.

Though there is a choice of cross-platform apps still you need to do complete research and budgeting for all the platforms you wish your application would be available.

Not Focusing In Maintenance, Updates, Analytics and Other Ongoing Costs

The technology is continuously revolutionizing and therefore new features are being introduced, old features requires improvements, the databases needs to be upgraded, bugs and errors are required to be fixed, security patches are required to be enhanced, and the list goes on. This is a continuous process and your application requires maintenance and ongoing cost for this. If you have the wish to retain your users then you need to be updated as per the new innovations, and of course, it requires money.

Similarly, if you wish to keep an eye over your business cycle, you need to check the analytics. For this too you need money to invest. Application development undoubtedly requires a lot of capital which is an on-going process, therefore while budgeting for your mobile app development, make sure to allocate a substantial amount for it.

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