Crucial Website Designing Tactics of 2018 Continuing in 2019

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Website designing is a modern-state-of-the-art concept now that must be innovative and with ingenious layout, ensuring enhanced user experience with smooth user interface. There are some design elements that are trending and are essential by every web developer to follow and deploy their new projects keeping these inclinations in their mind. Let us discuss the most crucial designing trends that are to be followed in 2019 to make web experience a novel and memorable one.

No Image or Video above the Scroll

Are you noticing that there are a few websites that don’t have an image or a video above the scroll? The banners on the header are plain yet exciting! This no ‘art’ style used to be present in under construction pages or coming soon announcement websites, but now this simple yet elegant style has been an inspirational trend for this year.

If your message is too strong or your statement is most important to make the difference, then there must be an effective way to design it with perfection? This no ‘art’ style with attractive typography and robust color choice can create a difference, which the background image or the video won’t be able to deliver at all. These designing essentials have the tendency to serve as an art on its own, helping in addition of visual attentiveness to the clear words on the screen.

There can be strong typography paired with a lively and vivid colored background. This can enhance the readability of the content more appropriately while delivering a strong impact on your customers. Or there can be another way where the background color is simple with bright colored text on it in bold lettering and centric alignment. This show emphases on your message with a bold attitude. There is another approach for a no art aesthetic where the background color is in black color with oversized typography in white color. It is not only simple but its sophisticated design is also overwhelming to see.

Bright Blue Color

It is not surprising at all that bright colors are trending in 2019. But a specific hue might be a surprise for you. Even though the bright coral color was named as the color of the year but still bright blue color is trending more than anything. This bright blue color is not just a cheerful addition to your website, but, this color will work with any of the content types.

Well, blue is conventionally one of the most used colors since ever in the websites. It is mostly associated with a feeling of harmony, trust and beautiful feel. Adding brightness to it makes the overall feel of the website much lighter and lively.

Using blue color with purple undertone on the banner with a white background is surely going to be appealing to the visitors’ eyes. With the amalgamation of bright blue with light purple shade as background with clean typography in white color in bold lettering is also an option to add value to your content.

E-Commerce Website with Content Management

There is nothing more than content, even when it comes to online sales as the content is everything, a king! It is a designing trend that’s the inheritance from the social media making the work more engaging, today e-commerce websites are all ready to deploy such site architectures that do looks less like a page that is selling just the items to a more integrated content work with an infused “buy it” button included to it.

The images are comprehensive with details within them that are smooth and brilliant. The images are defining the content with accuracy, complementing the written text with perfection. Today, content plays a pivotal role in the engagement of customers gathering the details more precisely, ensuring more confidence in their purchase intention and attitude.

Self-Made Images Instead of Stock Images

There was a time when stock images where believed to be more powerful, delivering the concept more precisely and accurately than anything else. But the time has evolved and now customer’s looks forwards for custom made illustrations and images that are made with vivid colors with complimenting color scheme.

In 2019, website design agencies are believed to make more engaging illustrations and images on their own whereas stock images trend is diminishing. These illustrations are more attractive, appealing and defining the content with brilliance.

Glitchy Video

Is glitching video a trend? There was a time when a video that used to glitch was due to slow internet speed or page load concerns or connectivity issues. But with the revolution of the digital world, the glitching video is becoming a trend.

It is believed that if a video while playing is malfunctioning then the customer tends to frown over the internet speed and will remain on the video watching it. The glitch is made on purpose and especially on that spots of the video that are important and defining. Today, glitchy video effect is a new website design trend that adds a spark in the video.

These glitches might happen in the form of some background distortion or noise, animations that are activated via hovering or the jerky moments. These are loved by visitors and they tend to spend more time on the video on purpose.

Abstract Art

Abstract arts and designs are more captivating and enchanting than any other design. They possess a story within them that opens to you the more you see them. Customers all over the world love abstract designs and arts that has some story with vivid color in them. There are different abstract arts and designs that can be used, such as;

Montreal in Motion, where there are moving colors that look like water moving with artistic quality and well-defined style.

Barkli Gallery, uses an actual piece of art that draws the attention of the users on itself. The image is not complete, just giving a portion of it, which is mesmerizing and catchy to see.

Wildsmith Skin, has a split screen design with some person image on the left with an abstract image on the right to create a balance. It creates a harmonize image creating an elegant visual effect.

High Level Animation

An engaging interactive image adds a delightful essence to your website. There are many websites where there is animation which gets activated once you hover over it click on it. These animations grab the attention of the visitors and draw their consideration of staying to your page for a longer period of time.

There are certain web pages that use water effect over still images creating a feel of freshness while engaging the user. Hovering over the website where the cursor is of a different style. Clicking the images to enlarge them and bringing them to color etc. these animations engage the customer and they love to play with it.

Large White Areas

One of the easiest ways to draw the attention of the visitors is a white background with vividly colored images with unique typography. Using white color in the background creates a calm and peaceful sense of attention where the customer feels ease in reading the content with attractive images for accompanying the text. These simple yet elegant designing technique is trending in 2019 as well.

Dark Color Overlays

One of the most creative website design trends of 2019 is the use of dark backgrounds in designing a perfect project. This exclusive trend has protracted to the foreground along with dark colors overlay on the images as well. This technique not just looks cool but also helps in emphasizing the brand colors, depicting an exclusiveness of serenity.

White & Light Color Scheme

White and light color contrasts look ravishing and add elegance to your web page. The basic characteristic of this eminent design trend is an artistic appeal that is being used as a predominant color to the white or light color scheme. This scheme includes not only the background color but also the images and even the other foreground essentials. Though white is a popular option among the web designers, the color palettes highlighting the soft grays along with the cool cream tones and even some of the hardly noticeable pastels colors are equally impressive and delightful to see.

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