4 E-Commerce Website Design Trends That Are Sure to Double Your Sales in 2019

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The web designs that were really famous last year, might not excite your prospects and customers anymore. This is because the trends keep on evolving and if you are not changing with the passage of time and keep on updating your e-commerce store design as per the customer’s demand, there are sure chances of losing your sales bar and pilling less profit than before. The requirements for better to best e-commerce web designs are getting tougher and the designers are required to be well versed and updated on new designs with deep research and development.
The ease of navigation with eye-catching designs and trends are the crucial factor for your online business survival. It is the goal of your business to create an innovative design with a brilliant impression, encouraging every visitor landing on your page to stay much longer and surfing other products as well. There are a lot of factors that depend on the stay of your customer on your web pages, but there are some new e-commerce website design trends that are to be followed in 2019 if you are dreaming of doubling your profits and increasing your sales.

Adding Minimalism to your Online Store
The concept of minimalism is simply to add simplicity with clarity and intentional working ideology where everything that might distract a visitor is eliminated. This does not mean that your e-commerce store should be dull and boring without any creativity. Innovation and sleek design are what a customer is looking for, but it should not be too much, leading your potential prospect confused, not able to understand your creativity, struggling in purchasing the product from your online store. This ultimately means losing your valuable visitor who might turn as a profitable customer in the future.
With the addition of minimalism to your online store in 2019, it clearly means to make your online store creative with ease in everything. The description of the product should be clear and properly communicated, the images should be sharp and clear, the button for add to cart option or call-to-action buttons should be prominent and highly noticeable, making the purchasing time a fun time for your customer.
A minimal design offers great convenience and ease of search to your customers, gaining their trust on your website. Never ever overwhelm your customer by bombardment of choices, this will again make them confused and will create chaos.
Card-Like Layouts
Card user interface layouts are not new for this year but it is modified and again adjusted in 2019 as well. There are a lot of social media platforms that have already adopted this format and many more are opting for the same. Due to its momentous impact over the sales, the e-commerce industry is adopting card-like layouts like never before.
These sleek designed layouts are most popular due to three vital reasons, such as ease of responsiveness, perfect readability and right fit into the modern seamless social media-inspired layouts. This card layout system will help you in organizing and then reorganizing all the content over your e-commerce store pages that is surely going to improve the load time of your website too, helping you in capturing the attention of more and more customers on a larger scale. These cards are not just easily visible and will attract the attention of your prospect visitors, but it will also help you in capturing more leads that could be fruitful for your business when nurtured with extra care and attention.
With these card-like layouts, you can easily structurize your content into a neat and well-organized silo. Due to their clear visibility, it makes the purchase decision relatively easy and quicker than ever before. With these cards, you can display your trending products as well as post special offers.

Comprehensive Video Content
Sometimes it is hard or nearly impossible to explain the basic essence of your product through a static image because this visual format would never be able to bring in the actual knowledge of the product or service with perfection. The modish ecommerce website development services require extra conceptualization of an idea with more details, helping in taking the perfect purchase decision.
With the involvement of a video explaining the background of the product or service available for acquisition is far better than a static user interface image. Through a video, you can easily explain the specifications of the product along with displaying the premium quality of your product.
This leads to greater efficiency of your e-commerce website, involving visitors with your products and capturing their attention for a longer period of time. The chance for lead conversion is also greater as the visitor would be seeing a detailed video explaining the product or service he is interested in. this develops a sense of trust and confidence in the minds of customers as is trending as website design for e-commerce sites in 2019.

Products 360° View
For viewing a product on an e-commerce online store, the hovering effect is not new at all. With this revolutionizing feature, customers did not click on the image to reveal its information and jump to the next page to know more about it. With the simple hovering feature, the customers can find the price of the product, a quick description and unique features.
Since this feature is not new anymore, therefore with slight modifications, this feature is taken to next level where when a customer hovers over the image, he can find a 360° view of the product, revealing all the dimensions with a clear view. Though a 360° view might not be a crucial web designing trend, but, its importance cannot be ignored. With this unique feature, the buying cycle of the customer can be made short, where the visitor can be sure of what he is purchasing, enhancing his confidence level and he might not spend much more time in investigating the product.
This 360° view is offering a unique user-friendly layout, paving a smooth and more confident experience to the shoppers, shortening their product searching time and making them believe on the product with its every angle image.

Conclusive Statement
Integrating these vital e-commerce web designing trends into your modern online store is surely going to help you in observing an extensive development in your monthly sales and profits. The more concentrated, immersive and seamless your online e-commerce store experience will be, the more possibly your customers will connect with confidence to your brand and later becoming active buyers for the rest of the year.

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