Google Image Search: How Effective Is It To Find A Picture?


July 23 , 2020 Posted by Creatix9

There was a time when Google was just a search engine. You could enter the keyword that you wanted to look for and it would give you the results. But as time passed, Google became so much more than that. Now the company has a wide variety of tools that it offers the users. These tools include the now-famous Gmail, Google Drive, Google Finance, Google Fit, scholar, news, weather, and so much more. Most of us have been using more than a couple of Google’s services and some of us have been using a lot. Some of these tools are highly specialized and then there are some tools that you have to know to fulfil your requirements; whether personal or work-related. One of these tools is the Google image search. This is a highly extensive and intelligent tool. You can use it for fun or you can use it to find images that you want to use for official purposes like your blog or on your website. If you don’t know what Google Image Search is, read on.

What is Google Images?

What is Google Images
What is Google Images?

If you have a digital marketing agency or if you work for one then you already know what Google Images or Google Image Search is all about. It is one of the best web-based products that Google offers its users. Although it is part of a larger picture, it has so much more to offer than we know. You can call it a specialized offshoot of Google’s search engine.

When you enter a search term, Google provides you with a list of web pages that are relevant to your search. The results are based on relevancy and some other factors. Google Images does the same thing but if we look deep enough we find out that it’s not as simple as that. There is so much more to Google Image Search than just a text-based query and relevant results. The main thing that Google looks for is the filename of the images. The more they match your search string, the better their chances of coming up as a result. But that is not enough. Google also looks at the text part of the webpage where the image is embedded and tries to find the most relevant results. Now Google has also added machine learning to upgrade its search tactics. This means that Google Images now has the power to associate certain images and form a sort of group. This way when you search for an image, Google Image Search shows you the entire group.

How Do I Access Google Images?

Access Google Images
How Do I Access Google Images?

Accessing Google Images is very easy. You can go to and then select Images in the top right corner. Or you can directly go to and end up on the same page. Now that you are here, you are ready to search for your desired images.

Google Images Reverse Image Search

Google Images Reverse Image Search
Google Images Reverse Image Search

Here we are talking about Google Images and now we have Google Reverse Image Search. Now you have the option to search for a specific image instead of a text or voice string. When you search for an image, you get two types of results. One is the source website where the image can be found. This is good when you have an image but don’t know where it came from. The other option is the similar images. If you search for an image, the search engine will show you other images that it thinks are related to your image. For example, if you search for the term “bluebird” or you search for an image of a “bluebird”, you will see search results that have a blue bird in them.

Importance of Google Image Search

Google Image Search
Importance of Google Image Search

When we talk about images, we sometimes forget one basic and important fact. Images are content too. There are billions of users searching for some type of image. Whether you are trying to run an SEO service agency or you are providing PPC management services, you cannot ignore the importance of images and the way people search for them. With the right kind of strategy, you can easily use Google Image Search to bring traffic to your website. 

If you want to become the best SEO company in town, then this is something that you definitely want to invest in. You cannot ignore Google Image Search any longer. 


Here’s why:

– Google images receive a huge amount of traffic from all over. According to a source, 10.1% of all the traffic that Google receives is for The other two products that receive the most amount of traffic are and with 55% and 24.7% respectively.

– In 2010, the daily page views of Google Images were more than 1 billion. Just think about it. This figure is authentic as it was reported by none other than Benjamin Ling, the Director of Search Products at Google. Just think about how many page views there must be today!

– Again, in 2010, Google Images had already indexed more than 10 billion images. Just think about how many images must be indexed now, after 10 more years.


So, how important is Google Image Search? Very important! If you are running your own business or you have a digital media marketing company that offers SEO and content services, you must use this strategy to propel your business forward. It is a very effective way to direct traffic to your website. And if you are a user who just wants to find joggers that you saw someone wearing today; it is still a powerful tool to find out which company makes them and sells them.

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