6 Crucial Tools to Monitor Your App’s Reputation

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Every developer has a wish to know what is the reaction of the users when using his developed mobile application, similarly, all the businesses who have developed an app feel like a dream come true to know how the users are responding towards their application and how famous the app is. Yeah, it is impossible to know exactly what you want, but, you can monitor how people are actually interacting and reacting to your application through different apps.

Managing your reputation is a crucial aspect that has to be calculated with efficiency while doing app marketing. It is highly important to know what reputation your application holds across different forums and what are the necessary steps one can take to enhance user’s satisfaction. It is pivotal to evaluate all the digital presence of your brand including your social media activities, PR, the online content you display in your mobile application. There is quite a great chance that after putting all your efforts and hardworking in promoting quality content for your business app, what you find on the Google search results at the top are bad words and rant your previous user wrote about you in their personal blogs. Yup, you need to react instantly.

It is easy to monitor the reviews your app is getting on the app store but it is difficult to monitor across different forums and places. Fortunately enough there are several tools online that can help you in managing your online reputation with ease while tracking down your mentions and later receiving the alerts every time when someone is mentioning your application on the web. But it is a mammoth task to find out which app is perfect and why as there are already a lot of applications on the web and tracking which is better might take a lot of your time. Here are the top 6 apps that can help you in analyzing your application popularity with convenience and ease.

  1. Reputation.com

Reputation.com is a business-to-business online reputation management and customer experience management solution that can help you in improving your overall star ratings across the web, helping you in collecting positive reviews simply by allowing you to settle down and resolve the negative reviews appearing online. Through this, you can receive notifications when any user posts about you on the internet. Through this app, you are not receiving a notification only, but also receiving a detailed sentiments analysis, where the application unravels the actual tone of the feedback along with a solution of how to convert the dissatisfied user to a satisfied one. They also take the positive reviews on the top, whereas list down the negative ones in the bottom.

  1. BrandsEye

As per BrandsEye, they provide one of the most accurate data for your application and they are the world’s leading opinion mining company. It is a genuine app that can provide you with social media monitoring solutions through a mix of algorithms, business intelligence, crowd-sourcing and machine learning, helping in accurately extracting the real insights for the businesses. With ease of use and exceptional supporting features, BrandsEye provides a unique approach for predicting insights. Through monitoring online conversations regarding your application and analyzing them for extracting the insights, this app follows all the hashtags with brilliance. They are creating quantified reports on the social media activates and attaching a monetary value to all the online conversations as well. BrandsEye provides meaningful and predictive insights that are extracted via the analysis of social media.

  1. Rankur

Rankur is one of the top rated advanced tool being used for the purpose of monitoring social media, news and the entire web while focusing on the online reputation. Online reputation management is an essential tool for your business to evaluate the current standing of your business. Through this, you can easily monitor your online reviews, forum conversations, different blogs mentioning your name, social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other possible forums. In actual fact, it takes things to a much advanced level, where is it monitors not only when your brand name is mentioned across the web, but, also when the name of your top manager is mentioned on the web, giving you complete access to monitor all the conversations and opinions about your application. Rankur claims that they scan +100M blog posts, +100K mainstream news posts, +1M online reviews and explores the messages from +1B users every single day to extract comments, reviews and conversations regarding your brand.

  1. Trackur

Trackur is social media monitoring tool that is designed to support the companies and the PR professionals in every stance, enabling them to track the reputation of their brand on the internet. It is a well-known online tool that handles social media monitoring, social analytics and review aggregation with brilliance while generating reports to ensure quantitative prove. Along with monitoring all the hashtags regarding your brand, it also analyzes the sentiments through deep down scrutiny and scoring them. Through this you can get an exclusive dashboard, assisting you to monitor all of your social media mentions at one place. Due to its scalability and seamless integration services, you can monitor through any device such as desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablet, even a television. Ask your mobile apps development service provider to help you to integrate it on your all devices.

  1. Social Mention

Social Mention is a social media search engine enabling you to search user-generated content such as their personal blogs, comments, events, bookmarks, videos, news etc. It is completely free reputation management and social media analysis platform, helping you in tracking down all of your social media mentions across all the available channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Through their detailed search analysis for providing a real-time data analysis, they provide you access to monitor all the social media campaigns in favor or against you. Through this application, you can easily evaluate what impact your brand is creating online and how the users are feeling about it and what impact it is creating in their lives.

  1. Reputology

Reputology is a well-known and highly acknowledged best-of-breed review monitoring & feedback solution provider for multi-location businesses. You can easily monitor your Facebook, Google, the comment cards & much more with great convenience. Track what your users are saying about your application across every platform with ease and comfort. Be it social media mentions, Google mentions, industry-specific review sites, forms filled for feedback, or the online surveys, Reputology helps in tracking every minute detail for you. They provide 24/7 monitoring to their clients, enabling them to be responsive to their customers as quickly as possible.

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