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Need of Explainer Videos in This Modern Era

Science and technology have come way too far and came up with new and unique ideas that can change and revolutionize the world we are living in. The ideation of new tech can be sometimes very difficult to process and impossible to make your audience understand it. It can either be easy to explain, making a boom in the market or too difficult, leading to a blank stare and stopped minds. We are Creatix9 believes in absorbing your messages and trimming them in easy to understand concepts and words through a video, that can be shared publically.

Creatix9 is a startup video production company, providing video animation services to our clients and prospects worldwide. With a team of talented and multi-tasking experts, we provide explainer video creation services to those businesses who have important messages or educational or corporate schemes in their minds and need that to be demonstrated through a creative and interactive video. It is not simply a one-time process, where you get a single video to explain, but it is an ongoing strategy work, where you need video and animations to reach out to your targets within understandable circumstances. We believe in quality and honest dealing, therefore you will always find our team working with complete dedication towards your idea, converting it into a reality.


Ingenious Animated Video Production Process

Creatix9 is an explainer video production company operating in the US, providing eminent animated video creation services
for the businesses who are looking forward to simple yet elegant animated video solutions. Our team of professionals
make classic videos and follow such process that is ideal for both the client as well the experts.

Finding Innovation and Scriptwriting

Finding Innovation and Scriptwriting

Our team of expert professionals excavates the message you want to deliver along with the objective you have and the strategy that can be followed with analyzing the brand. Making animated videos for business is not as easy as ABC but it requires attention to every detail and analysis to every move. After the analysis, we turn your message in such script that is crucial for capturing the minds and hearts of listeners and watching customers. Our scriptwriting department keeps a continuous check and balance over the current market trends and makes a competitive script.


Competitive and Animatic Concept

To bring life to the script we have written, we develop some eye-striking and catchy visual designs that simply brings spark and motion to the story we created. Along with animated storyboard, we synchronize the voice to the picture for a perfect piece of exceptional video. The layout of the video was designed earlier and then the voice is recorded and then our experts sync both together for a final perfect magic.


Balanced Animation and Sound Design

With perfect direction and strong storyboard, with a little magic known as animation, we bring all the characters and other simple visual elements to life and smooth motion. Along with balanced and smooth animation, we add simplified music and background music or score that helps in the image in the perfect timing of landing. After this, finally, the video is all set to be delivered with aptness.

2D Character Animation&
Motion Graphics Animation

Being a prominent explainer video company, we offer 2D character animation and motion graphics animation video services to our clients. 2D character animation is an emotion-evoking video technique that appeals directly the targeted audience due to its simple style of 2D animation of characters and scenes together. While 2D motion graphics animation is engaging and a straightforward means of communication. It demonstrates how a simple product of services are used and can be beneficial for customers, in a most simplified and creative manner.

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2.5D and 3D Animation

Creatix9 is an animated video creation company, offering 2.5D and 3D animations to clients worldwide. 2.5D animation is a stimulation of 3D animation and is relatively cheaper than 3D work. It is an interesting way to have professional engagement and prior results. 3D animation is high-quality and state-of-the-art video process that makes your brand highlighted with absolute perfection with the ability of zoom and rotate. It is mostly used for commercial purpose.

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Whiteboard Animation Videos

We are animated video agency providing exceptional services to the enterprises. It is the most popular business video type, suitable for B2B and B2C companies as it has a deeper product description and evaluation. It consists of simple drawing black and white illustrations on a whiteboard concept.


Live Action and Live Track
Element Video

Creatix9 is a video animation company that has been running successfully in providing brilliant video animation services to all businesses. We offer live action videos along with live action with track element videos. In live action videos, everything is simply recorded using a camera, this is used to show real scenes along with real people. Whereas live action track element videos have a live footage incorporated with a 3D element for making it more attractive and awe-inspiring. Both the formats are eye-striking and good for businesses.


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