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2D animations still have leading role in website industry, It can increase your brand awareness.

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Pixel Art and Animation

Once 3D animation stepped up the video and gaming experience, pixel art was thought to be a thing of the past but this not entirely true. Many ad agencies, gaming studios, and other clients are opting for graphics in pixel art style due to their unique and nostalgic aesthetics.

Following is the process for pixel art and animation video development:

  • Shooting reference video
  • Key posing
  • Blocking
  • Splining
  • Smoothing
  • Testing

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Cheap Animation Studios in USA

With all the basic animation styles under our belt and on-time delivery services, Creatix9 is the most cost-effective animation studios in USA. Our animators have a strong talent in storytelling and character designing. Say it all with your customized animation video that is unique to your business exclusively.

Animation video is the right choice because:

  • It is appealing
  • Easily Customize
  • Trendy Marketing Strategy
  • Prefer by Search Engines
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Attention-Grabbing Explainer Videos

The process of 2D animation design gets too complex and time-consuming when multiple time zones and languages are included and because of the Creatix9 efforts, the explainer videos for your landing pages can increase the sales by up to 80%. Grab the attention of your visitor with a fun and comprehensive explainer video or use this engaging tool in explaining your business ideas to clients or investors.

Here is How We Serve Clients:

  • Research
  • Scrip Writing
  • Developing a Storyboard
  • Creating the characters
  • Recording the Voice
  • Animation Video Composing
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Best 2D Animation Service Provider in US

Either you have a great solution for your clients but explaining it in writing would be too boring and complex. Or you want to show off your products and services in a fun and engaging way. And you’re looking for 2D animation production near me but you are hesitating due to some of the recurring issues in 2D animation services like, outsourcing is confusing and many providers waste a lot of time on projects due to miscommunication, many service providers are not ISO-certified, 100% original and customized 2D animations can be expensive.

And other complaints regarding incompetent staff and rushed artwork. But with Creatix9 as your trusted and cheap animation development company. The process of 2D animation becomes a fun experience for both you and your viewers.

Here’s What Makes Us Stand Out:

Creatix9 is an interactive video production company operating in the US, providing eminent animated video creation services for the businesses that are looking forward to simple yet elegant animated video solutions. Our team of professionals makes classic videos and follows such a process that is ideal for both the client as well as the experts.

Talented and Experienced 2D Animators

You don’t have to waste time on extended sessions with our animation team. They are all experienced and highly talented in their field. Just one session is enough to get them straight to what your business requires. From character design, storyboard to final execution, each step is done with complete professionalism and sophistication.

Cost-Effective and Industry-Specific

Videos are a fun way to introduce your business and explain an idea but they don’t have to be expensive and too decorated. Keeping it to the point and industry-specific is the key to making it interesting. With all the benefits of fully customized 2D animation, Creatix9 is the most affordable 2D animation studios in California.

24/7 Customer Support and Ongoing Maintenance

Our support team is always available for your assistance. You can reach out to your representatives through a phone call or an email to get the services package that most suits your requirements. We also provide upgrades and maintenance to our clients. Our projects are always tested for quality assurance to prevent potential bugs or lags.

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