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Email marketing is still playing major role in digital marketing. In email marketing you can reach your customer proactively.

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People seriously underestimate the power of targeted email marketing services. It is proven that with each dollar invested in email marketing, you get 44$ in return as people who get email offers are more likely to spend on buying and online purchases than those who don’t get an email offer. If you’re not using this effective tool in your digital marketing strategy, then you should get in touch with your local email marketing services providers NYC for a targeted email marketing services plan.
Creatix9’s expert team makes sure to provide you with the best and measurable results on your email marketing investments.

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Customized Email Marketing Campaigns

We tailor each campaign to the perfect fit of each business. What to send and who to send matters more than just sending your emails out. We target your clients and their needs and schedule your professional emails to strike the right chord.
With each custom email campaign, you also get an exclusive template that radiates professionalism and sophistication. Our experienced team of talented designers and writers work together to send out emails in a manner that leaves a lasting impression.

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Low Cost Email Marketing Service With High Benefits

Stop searching for email marketing services near me NYC because with Creatix9 as your low cost email marketing services provider, you get all these amazing benefits:

Direct marketing with a less time-consuming and labor-incentive approach
Increased customer loyalty
Wider reach
Specific targeting
Direct communication with clients
Increased sales
Cost-effective as compared to other marketing services

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Best Professional Email Marketing Services

Creatix9 provides top level email marketing service to grow your business. You can reach your potential customer through our unique strategy.

Focus on Conversion

We personalize the content of each newsletter to include all the upcoming deals and discounts. This sort of direct promotion has a higher rate of converting readers into customers as we send out irresistible deals offering exactly what they want.

Reporting and Redirecting

Our team stays focused on the performance of your email marketing campaign by reporting on monthly basis. Analyzing our current strategies help us redirect our strategies with more specific results in mind.

List Maintenance

As your email marketing service provider, it is our job to make efforts count. We keep up with the email list maintenance by removing any unengaging subscribers. And add in more engaged ones who actively increase open rates, click rates and conversions.

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