Why should you partner with a digital agency for your FinTech

The FinTech sector is undergoing dynamic changes, prompting a shift in the marketing strategies of financial services companies. Traditional marketing and PR (personal relations) techniques are being reexamined for newer, data-driven techniques. This shift is a must for FinTech. A more modern, data-driven marketing technique is becoming domineering for FinTech companies.


In the digitalization circle, allocating an ample portion of your marketing budget to shore up your online occurrence is significant. This allows natural discovery of your website by possible clients. Engaging a digital agency in the USA specializing in FinTech can be instrumental in accomplishing this objective.


Despite content’s crucial role across the client buying procedure, a mere 42% of b2c and 41% of b2b marketers exclusively have a recognized content marketing strategy, as highlighted by Statista.


This blog outlines convincing reasons why cooperating with a top digital agency in the USA is advantageous for your FinTech company.


Reasons why should you partner with a digital agency for your FinTech project

Reasons why should you partner with a digital agency for your FinTech project


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1. Receive Support and profound savoir-faire to allow your marketing team

Receive Support and profound savoir-faire to allow your marketing team


Many companies discover marketing to be a daunting aspect of their company, given the multitude of channels and large-scale data to use. The overload frequently overwhelms marketing teams, especially in FinTech startups and BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) companies with small marketing teams.


The most cost-effective solution for FinTech companies grappling with this challenge is partnering with an external marketing agency. These agencies give deep know-how that may be lacking in the current marketing team, raising the overall strategy and amplifying the influence of marketing campaigns.


Crucially, the help supplied by agencies performs a central role in relieving the burden on your marketing team. This allows them to focus on day-to-day tasks and broaden the scope of campaigns. By plugging into the agency’s deep know-how, your team can receive targeted help in regions most necessary, introducing a degree of elegance that would otherwise be unattainable.


2. Use inbound marketing to Exchange into more customer-centric

Use inbound marketing to Exchange into more customer-centric


Putting client core demands initially is a main focal point for multiple inbound marketing agencies, assisting clients in efficaciously targeting and nurturing crucial personas. Shifting the focal point from company goals to client core demands can be challenging for brands, specifically under pressure to meet targets from higher-ups. The crucial to long-term achievement lies in aligning client core needs with company goals.


For cost-effective marketing techniques, inbound and content marketing glow, especially for FinTech companies operating on a smaller budget. These strategies are not exclusively profitable but also progressive. Centering your marketing efforts on learning and dealing with the challenges faced by your clients emphasizes the “why” behind your company.


An inbound strategy crux lies in dealing with the discomfort points of your personas through content, thereby allowing their decision-making at each stage of the buyer’s buying course. This customer-centric technique is a must for companies that desire sustained achievement.


3. Improved your industry experience and expand your connections

When searching for the right marketing agency, it’s beneficial to locate one with a background in servicing clients within your sector, specifically if you can discover a specialized digital agency in the USA for your FinTech core requirements.


Reducing the learning curve is crucial, and partnering with an adept digital agency in the USA for your FinTech can guarantee they hit the ground operating to bolster your marketing efforts. CEOs and crucial stakeholders discover solace in investigating their selected agency, which possesses large-scale experience in the finance sector with a proven track record of building a significant influence for other FinTech companies.


At Creatix9 US, multiple clients have shared that the primary rationale for switching agencies is an absence of comprehension about their company and sector. Our entrenched position in the finance sector gives us priceless connections and profound know-how, allowing us to initiate meaningful conversations with crucial sector figures effortlessly.


We can readily organize offline events, speaker gigs, online events, webinars, and other collaborative opportunities, a feat not as effortlessly accomplished by non-industry-specific marketing agencies.


4. Make evergreen campaigns that will continue to propel traffic and leads

Make evergreen campaigns that will continue to propel traffic and leads


While assisting in implementing effective strategies, marketing agencies are also instrumental in building enduring campaigns that channel the right traffic and create high-quality prospects for your pipeline.


A major inbound marketing strategy entails forming evergreen content and implementing campaigns designed for an enduring influence. A rising trend entails the development of content pillar pages and subject clusters, serving as SEO-friendly hubs to entice your crucial personas. The deep savvy of an experienced agency becomes priceless in strategizing and implementing such evergreen campaigns.


Moreover, if you want to build a FinTech app, we can do that also. Whether you want an Android or iOS app development, our experts have all app programming (SWQL, C++, JAVA, Python, and Swift) skills. From hybrid and native to Progressive web app (PWA) and Cross-platform app development, we know the best app type for you.


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5. Give a Sense of balance to your marketing and sales teams

Give a Sense of balance to your marketing and sales team


Sales and marketing alignment is a common challenge in the financial services sector, frequently stemming from neglecting to execute closed-loop reporting and end-to-end tracking for marketing efforts. Effectual communication among sales and marketing teams is crucial, and combining CRM facilitates this, delivering enhanced visibility of lead sources and enhanced attribution.


The synergy among sales and marketing teams is the main for the triumph of your FinTech company, an idea we term “S-marketing.” expansion agencies like ours have seasoned professionals specializing in top-notch marketing, sales, and CRM Platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Pardot, and Marketo.


This deep proficiency confirms the utmost importance for ambitious FinTech ventures searching to integrate tools, processes, and data. Access to platform-specific knowledge improves sales and marketing alignment, considerably amplifying conversions and lead qualification.


This achievement is attributed to the polished data that exists for contacts upon reaching a salesperson. At the same time, the sales team gains heightened visibility and intelligence regarding prospects passed on by the marketing team.


6. Discover adjustable/Scalable packages suitable for your business

The flexibility and scalable packages supplied by marketing agencies make them a precious asset for supporting your marketing efforts. This is especially beneficial for FinTech startups and companies with limited scope, allowing them to grow the size of their marketing team.


Engaging with a marketing agency gives access to major marketing services, help, and deep know-how, whether for a singular FinTech project or through a retainer package. With the latter, you can commit to a monthly amount that balances with your comfort degree, and this dedication can be adjusted, scaling up or down as necessary.


7. Step up your content formation volume and quality

Allocating significant portions of their budget to sector events, PR (Personal Relations), and advertising is standard among FinTech companies. While these channels contribute to company expansion efficaciously, they can be costly or resource-intensive. Fortunately, the financial services sector is gently adopting inbound marketing and content formation as feasible alternatives.


An influential blogging strategy is integral in drawing excellent prospects to your site, and strategically crafted content deals with each stage of the buyer’s procedure. It aids in qualifying and converting prospects. Forming appropriate and SEO-friendly content caters to interconnecting with your aim viewers, building momentum, and creating inbound prospects.


Collaborating with an experienced inbound marketing agency is instrumental in considerably amplifying your content output and guaranteeing its alignment with your crucial personas. Remarkably, 53% of marketers prioritize blog content formation as their top inbound marketing focal point.


8. Get a holistic practice and neutral viewing platform

Engaging a digital marketing agency gives companies an external perspective to assess and audit current processes without bias, bringing fresh eyes to marketing actions. Choosing a digital agency in the USA customized to your FinTech venture offers the included advantage of utilizing pre-existing sector knowledge.


Highly effective expansion agencies frequently adopt a large-scale technique to marketing strategy by examining the end-to-end consumer trip. This confirms that ensuring effective communication with prospects and clients throughout their respective buying courses is important. Client retention is the focus and account-based marketing (ABM) can foster stronger relationships with clients and partners.


9. Lift your key marketing tools and platforms learning

At Creatix9 US, we increase beyond mere deep know-how in inbound marketing; we stand as elite-status digital marketing experts with rich experience in PPC and SEO. What sets a marketing agency like ours apart is the deep knowledge we bring to the table regarding practical marketing tools, channels, and platforms.


In trendy times, expanding your FinTech Company mandates the strategic usage of digital tools and analytics platforms for marketers. This is utmost for reaching the correct audiences and establishing a distinctive existence amidst competition.


The focal factor in this endeavor is selecting the correct marketing tools for your company. An agency proficient in particular channels and platforms can considerably influence your business’s achievement. This is especially appropriate as it confirms that it is challenging to possess in-depth knowledge of the immense array of existing marketing tools and techniques. Your FinTech-focused digital agency in the USA can adeptly fill the knowledge gaps within your team.



Experience the problematic race in the FinTech sector now desires that your company distinguishes itself. To guarantee your brand stands out, a seasoned digital agency in the USA can collaborate with your marketing and sales teams, building high-quality content with the elegance major for prosperous campaigns and company expansion.


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