The design industry has flourished over a period of time. Companies and individuals are seen investing their futures in it. If you think about it from the logos perspective, you may come across several designs every day, conveying the actual message of a company or brand. The main aim of these is to be instantly recognizable. The clothes, shoes, restaurants, offices, educational institutions, government bodies, and many other industries efficiently use symbols to differentiate their brand from others.

The best logo can tell the story behind a brand name and catches the customer’s attention in real time. From big to small brands, each plays a significant role in addressing its target audience and increasing its popularity. Take the example of Coca-Cola. According to a current survey, this big brand is recognizable by almost 94% of the global population. Besides this, we even have the example of McDonald’s, which has stood the test of time and emerged as the world’s most loved fast food restaurant. Hence, it shows the impact of good logo design.

Businesses no longer have to worry about branding as the custom logo design online has made it significantly easier for firms to reach out to a broader audience and keep them engaged.

What is Logo Designing?

logo designing

If you are into research and understanding industries better, you might have a better idea about consumers taking a maximum of 7 seconds to form a judgment about any brand. Thus, making it necessary for firms to use the visual representation method to grab the attention of more customers and convey the brand message clearly.

What are logos made of? It is of the frequently asked questions by users when they want to learn more about its development process. The different design elements play a critical role in enhancing its overall look and facilitating businesses with their demands. A blend of colors, shapes, texts, and illustrations is what one needs to elevate its look. Here the right combination of elements makes the symbols self-explanatory, and the consumers can also connect to the brand from afar. This shows the true power of a logo.

In short, logo designing represent the brand identity, connecting users and companies through a visual representation of the firm that highlights its goals, core values, products, and services. Remember, the better one can represent the brand image, the more popular one will get. However, it becomes essential for these companies to opt for designs that go well with the brand’s overall look.

Most organizations emphasize using simple yet unique designs that enhance the firm’s core values. These even help in creating a memorable and timeless logo. Not to forget, a firm should follow the recent trends that make the brand name pop out. Look around you, and you will find hundreds and thousands of logos, but only a few stand out that catches our eyes. These are the ones that have the ability to turn leads into sales that help in increasing demand over a period of time. Once customers love graphic design, there is no going back. They will be seen using it their entire lives; such an example is NIKE.

We all recognize this famous brand because of its graphic design, ‘swoosh.’ The simple abstract symbol makes the brand stand out, making it easier for users to remember. It is a sports shoe brand that has made its place with its dedication to providing quality shoes to everyone. The brand was launched in 1964, and since then, it has become the ambassador of sports shoes with a wide variety to choose from at competitive rates.

The Importance of Logos


Whenever we talk about logos, many just associate it with designing when in reality, it is all about branding a company’s name in the most attractive way, understood by customers. The brand mark, as many of us may call it, is not about pretty packaging or look. It is designed to increase customer and brand engagement in real time. It becomes the face of any organization that users usually remember, even if they forget its name. Take the example of BMW. Anyone can easily recognize it because of its simple yet dynamic logo, and here it wouldn’t be incorrect to say it plays a vital role in influencing the consumer’s decision. A survey showed that 74% of consumers use logos when purchasing a product or service.

Symbols have a crucial role in creating a competitive advantage. It means giving unique marks to firms to differentiate them from others. Nearly every business from different industries has a brand name of its own, designed beautifully to meet the customer’s expectations. However, one should remember the mark should be according to the brand personality as any misinterpretation can confuse the customers and lead to losses.

There are various benefits of creating a stunning logo. Therefore, organizations are seen heavily implementing it. It does everything from providing key information, building brand recognition, and attracting customers to creating brand loyalty. Though the designing process was lengthy and challenging initially, with the right tools, designers could convert ideas into logos quickly. Instead of hiring a logo design agency, companies could use online symbol makers and create affordable logo designs for every industry. Thus, making it easier for small businesses or startups to follow the trends accurately and market their products.

Some Facts About Logos

Facts about Logo

  1. Did you know only 1% of famous brands use purple color in their logo?
  2. 73% of well-known companies use Sans Serif font.
  3. The 5 popular logos known because of their brands are all from the tech industry.
  4. Apple is the most recognizable logo globally.
  5. A colored logo has 80% more chances of getting recognized better.
  6. Blue is the most common color used by industries.
  7. The WWF panda symbol was selected to reduce the printing cost.
  8. A visual image or information processes 60,000 times faster than a text.
  9. Did you know the Twitter logo, a bluebird, is named after the basketball player Biz Stone?
  10. You will be amazed to know that exactly 15% of small firms are ready to pay more than $1000 for an artistic design, while 65% are ready to pay between $500 to $1000.
  11. The BBC logo that you see paid $1.8 billion for its simple design making it one of the most expensive symbols worldwide.

What Are the Four Crucial Logo Design Elements?


Logos are one of the main factors why a company succeeds especially in the rapidly advancing world. As more innovations are reaching people and the market, businesses want to follow the trends and remain up to date to capture a significant market audience. However, they might not always succeed at this. Here the causes of failure can be various depending on the industry and its goals. The major one is not aligning the vision with the requirements, leading to poor strategy analysis and implementation. Though the custom logo design service online has increased in the 21st century, firms still need to brainstorm and develop unique ideas to implement. This process has become relatively more manageable for all, but companies need to make sure all the design elements are included.

A logo is nothing with its elements. The better the incorporation of simple, unique, timeless, and memorable design, the more an everlasting impression it leaves on customers. One needs to understand that one technique that works wonders for one brand may not be suitable for another. Hence choosing colors, fonts, typography, or styles becomes challenging. For example, bold fonts and multicolors may not go well with a tech company, whereas the same might work wonders for a fast food chain in less time. The possibilities are many, but the solution is one that brings the maximum benefits to users.

The simpler a logo will be, the easier it will get customers to understand a business’s goals and core values. Moreover, they will understand the company’s message more clearly. This makes the process faster as consumers are not left confused about understanding the icon.

A simple design tends to be unique. Usually, the animators and designers join hands to put in graphics in the name to make it look more appealable, leading to a quicker decision-making process. Consumers are able to relate to the brand, and seeing an innovative approach to designing tends to hire such companies. Moreover, it makes the brand name versatile, letting companies use them on multiple platforms to address a larger audience. One can find it on websites, billboards, business cards, newsletters, social media, and many other places. Thus, making it highly scalable while reducing the need to create a logo from scratch in a smaller version.

These things combined make an icon memorable. If a design is simple, unique, and follows the current market trends, it ought to be easily recognized by customers. It is possible as they are highly invested in what their favorite brands are doing, and any slight change in the brand’s look sores the demand for the products and services. Remember, if the symbol isn’t well recognized, there is no point in branding. A company will not be able to gain a competitive edge. However, looking at the merging problems and providing futuristic solutions is essential. This means coming up with a brand that mitigates the issues and is not copied. It becomes easier for such firms to stand out.

Affordable logo designs have always been in demand, whether through a professional designing agency or an online maker, depending on the demand. Since tech advancement has increased exponentially, businesses are using efficient ways of completing tasks and simplifying their work. In this case, the online logo maker helps companies to design their icon through advanced tools within minutes. They no longer have to brainstorm or spend time deciding what to create. Just choose an option or feed the idea, and the rest will be handled by them, automating major of the process. Further, they provide it in different file formats, whatever the firm or customers demand, ready to be used on various platforms.

Once the brand becomes recognizable and rules the heart of everyone, like McDonald’s and Apple, it becomes timeless. It doesn’t matter in what century or year you are in as long as a company maintains its quality and offers, it tends to rule the market. Here, it even shows that following the recent trends is not always a win-win situation. A firm needs to understand its business and the target audience before implementing any new thing because not all industries require a change in their symbol, nor every trend fits every sector. So any change in its look might lead to inconsistency, making the icon look stuffed. Furthermore, redesigning the logo every year makes the brand lose the equity or loyalty built over the years with customers, making it necessary to examine the trends in-depth before implementing them.


Logos have become an undeniable part of the marketing and branding world, where every industry is trying to create a competitive edge by designing a name that gets embedded in customers’ minds. We all agree that visual presentation is the best way of being recognized as people tend to remember such things easily and grasp the message quicker. Thus, it becomes important for businesses to represent their brand image with a visual design that stands out from the rest. Many emphasize opting for a simpler yet unique design that can also convey the company’s message easily over the years. So if you want to create the next big timeless brand, hire Creatix9 designers now.

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