The smartphone has a usage of 3 billion users as per the latest discovery in February 2021. These numbers are increasing every day. Since more users are engaging in phones, businesses and retail-industries are opting to have their mobile apps for increased conversion rates, modified brand recognition, and strengthen the business success.

Let’s not forget the increased use of tablets and fashion technology including smartwatches, smart eye-wear, fitness trackers, smart clothing, wearable cameras, wearable medical devices, and much more. It has made mobile apps valuable than before. Since the demand and supply are on its hike. Many businesses are thinking about how can they hire a professional mobile app development company that focuses on their needs and make them stand out in the competition.

How An Android App Development Firm Can Stand Out? 

Many android app development companies charge an expensive price that messes up a business budget and ends up providing an android app that is not unique or reliable. If you are not producing a killer app design and development, the customer would not be satisfied. To provide a genuine and effective app, android app development firms should know these five things to reach successful new heights.

5 Things To Recall While Developing Android Apps In 2021

  1. Personalized Approach

Personalized Approach
Personalized Approach

In 2021, a business which has offered extensive services and complex design app will not earn fruitful benefits. Why is that? Because users prefer purpose-specific and intuitive android apps. Individuals find it easier to use industry-focused apps such as traveling booking apps, ride-booking apps, retail-shopping apps, or food ordering apps. If a business is focused to own a mobile app, it needs to have it build through a purpose-specific app strategy that owns an intuitive design. Apps build through user experience have a higher success rate.

Why Personalized Approach Is Essential?

The personalized approach does wonders for mobile apps since the mind of users can be understood. The apps are custom-tailored to individual’s interests, demands, and skills. They are more productive and efficient.

  2. Native Features


An android app that is well-designed but complex in usage won’t engage user interest. Since life is busier than ever, users want to download apps that provide on-the-go services. A user would like to use the app without learning how to use it right after it’s downloaded. Businesses and android app developers should focus to offer easy functions by applying native features to them.

Which Type Of Native Features Is Most Effective?

The most effective native features are simplicity, speed, good image resolution, flexibility, security, easy search options, bold themes, feedback, and updates availability.

  3. Android App Deployment

Android App Deployment
Android App Deployment

The competition in the market is fierce and every-minute a new concept is taking place to produce a kick-ass app, you might lose the chance to hold a customer. As a developer, your app should be focused on quick deployment. You should offer an agile app development process to your customers as it would make you stand out from your rivals. Ensure your app deploys instantly as compared to others.

Test Your Android App Deployment

If you want to distribute your app for testers, simply chose the firebase project when ready. Select the app on releases pages from the drop-down category. Drag the app’s APK file towards the console for upload. Once the upload is complete, mention tester groups and user testers that you want to receive.

  4. Free Of Cost Downloads

Free Of Cost Downloads
Free Of Cost Downloads

Various android users like to download free apps. If we make a comparison between paid apps and free apps then the difference is astonishing. The use of smart-phone is increasing every day and businesses can avail this chance to target a huge audience and make sales. However, income generation is a big concern when it’s about providing free app downloads. But businesses can reach huge popularity by offering a free download approach. Many online animation maker apps provide a do-it-yourself-free approach to their users to engage with their audience. This is an effective approach when one business want’s its name to be recognized among its targeted audience.

Free Apps Works In Wonder Ways

A business offering free downloads can benefit from a high volume of installations, offer a paid-app for premium usage for users, customer satisfaction, user’s buying option when satisfied, provide in-app purchasing features, feedback, and reviews, receive extensive reach to the audience, value-add for businesses.

  5. Android App Security

Android App Security
Android App Security

Android app security is the biggest concern that would have its direct impact on the app rating in 2021. How is that? With the increased cyber-attacks, businesses and users want their data to be safe and secure. The various android app offers online payment methods for the users to make in-app purchases. This data is valuable information and users want to ensure that the app will safe-keep it from cyber-attacks and breaches. Android developers or firms should strictly focus on tightening the security of the apps and make them secure for usage.

Why Android App Security Matter?

In the versatile world of today, knowing android app security can assist developers to stay ahead in the market. However, various other changes could let them stand out. A developer should know extensively about app security to assure the business that it would provide it a safe app for its clients.

The Wrapping Up

One needs to think through while producing an android app in 2021. An app that is built with a well-planned structure would have more chances to stand out as compared to an in-efficient working app. Users need to be kept in mind as the rating and success solely rely on them. If an app is time-consuming in operating or complex in understanding, the user would uninstall it and also provide a negative rating. Businesses opt for affordable app development services but they also need to do thorough research about the company before hiring them. As for the development firms, they need to adopt these practices to ensure they satisfied the clients and provide them an effective android app.

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