Since the importance of marketing in this high-tech and fast-paced market was revealed, we see a majority of businesses adopting marketing automation solutions these days. It is crucial to use technology for businesses to expand today. The quantity of businesses utilizing marketing automation software is rapidly rising. The use of custom software solutions like these shows the importance of technology to businesses these days. If a business spends more on technology, it will benefit more from increased revenue.

How Do You Comprehend Which Automation Software For Marketing Is The Best

Some software only offers email marketing, CRM updates, and drip sequences. Some may assist with SMS marketing, lead scoring, and sales lead rotation. A business with multiple products to sell will be better with SMB and B2C environments. On the other hand, B2B always needs a platform that has a broader capability. Below you will find some key aspects to consider while evaluating the best marketing automation software to choose.

  • Ease Of Use


Implementing automation software to your enterprise is not as straightforward as it displays. You have to comprehend that the interface you choose works with you, and it is not something difficult to operate. Always ensure to look at it before you go forward with any decision. Look for an easy user interface that is simple and enables straightforward navigating.

  • Analytics And Reporting

    Analytics And Reporting
    Analytics And Reporting

What is the advantage of a marketing strategy if you do not know whether it is working or not? To measure the success that it brings, it is essential to keep track of what it does. This is why the automation software you use must show you the analytics and reports regarding the metrics that concern you.

If it is a B2B enterprise environment, then each stakeholder must have their personalized dashboard with advanced reposting abilities or automatic reporting via email.

  • Support


Helping the customers to explore and understand the custom software solutions is the responsibility of the marketing automation software team. Without a doubt, automation software can be technical, so having basic tutorials and a proper team that has the relevant knowledge will help you a lot.

  • Pricing And Scalability

    Pricing And Scalability
    Pricing And Scalability

If the benefit of the automation can be summed up in a sentence, then it is; it will make you extra cost-efficient and let you focus on the task that has the highest return. Keeping this in mind, you must always evaluate the price while considering the capability.

If we talk about SMBs and B2Cs companies, then their primary focus is always on email marketing with a system that is scaled down to be sufficient. However, enterprises with more advanced need to look for cost-effective software in the long run.

This is why they must always approach the provider that can be relatively high in price but help them grow with versatile needs. Ultimately, reducing the bloated operation is always crucial to scale effectively.

Have A Look On The 5 Following Marketing Automation Software

  1. ManyChat


It is never all about the email. Have you ever considered automating the repetitive tasks on the platform other than emails? ManyChat operates as a chatbot that can do the same thing on Facebook messenger and SMS. You can build a bot in some minutes with the template and an interactive interface with having a drag and drop feature. Furthermore, you get to learn a lot about your customers and have it synced to your CRM and other tools.

  1. Moosend


It is an email marketing automation software and deals with many industries like SaaS and eCommerce. The advanced website tracking can send the right email campaign to the relevant customers interested in your specific products and services.

The customers’ data is so essential that it empowers you to create the recommendation of the product based on its reviews. Also, you can create detailed reports using the same data, so you take much smart and data-driven that are pretty result-oriented.

In the coming time, we will be making good use of the customer’s data to make the relevant products available. This will increase the return on investment (ROI) and help the businesses to have an edge on their competitiors in the market.

  1. Omnisend


This marketing automation platform is built for eCommerce. This provides you with strong workflows to help you get started quickly using the pre-built templates. With this amazing automation software, several channels can be added in the same automation workflow like email, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and push notifications.

With Omnisend, you have WYSIWYG visual builder that allows you to create user-friendly workflows, landing pages, emails, pop-ups, and forms. You can make all that happen quickly and easily. You can find a free plan here that includes primary email marketing and three premium plans with different features.

  1. Ontraport


This is an automation platform for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. They have a marketing automation functionality and a CRM, but they also offer multiple other features. These features help the small scale business to grow; they are listed below;

  • Landing Pages
  • Ecommerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Reporting

The reporting and insights that it provides are features that make this software different from others. A clear overview of the performance is what lets you learn what you are accomplishing in the market.

  1. SendinBlue


It commenced as a digital marketing company, then it became quite an efficient tool for email marketing, and now it is one of the effective marketing automation software. Their advanced features like lead scoring and reporting have earned them a good name in the market. Furthermore, it has a striking free plan that offers phone support, almost 300 emails every day, and basic marketing functionality. Also, you can run the SMS campaigns using SendinBlue.


Good marketing workflow solutions are all a business needs these days to ensure that they do wonders in the market. The collaboration of top-notch technology is so essential with the latest marketing strategies. There are uncountable customers out there; you need to have the best practices to draw them to your business. The business automation software that we discussed above will surely help you get started and let you observe the difference in the work.

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