In the web development world, which constantly changes, React has become the best JavaScript platform. React has become the go-to choice for making modern web apps because it is powerful and flexible. React has left a lasting mark on the web, from well-known social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to countless other websites.

This piece from Creatix9 US, the company website development firm as well as the top digital agency in the USA, will highlight the following:

  • What is React and its strong position in user interface development;
  • Showcases top React websites;
  • Ideal use cases for this framework in web businesses.

What is React?


React, also called React.js or ReactJS, is a powerful and widely used JavaScript library for the front end. It gives you a free, open-source way to build user interfaces using a “component-based” method. React is supported by Meta (which used to be Facebook) and an active group of developers and companies. It makes it easy for developers to make dynamic and interesting web interfaces.

What Makes React So Popular?

React has become very famous because it has a lot of essential benefits.

  • Using a virtual DOM:This method improves the speed of a website by only updating the parts that are actually used. This cuts down on loading times and makes users happier. Also, React lets you do rendering on the server, improving SEO and making websites appear higher in search results.
  • Use UI Components:This feature lets writers build and update website modules quickly without having to rewrite the code from scratch. This shortens the time it takes to get to market, makes it easier to find bugs, and speeds up the development process.
  • Community And Ecosystem:The community and environment of React are a big part of why it is so popular. Developers have access to many tools (Redux, React Router, Jest, Babel, Webpack, ESLint), plugins (React-Redux, React-Router-DOM, Styled-Components, Axios, React-Bootstrap, React-Query, React-Icons, React-Spring, React-Helmet, React-Intl.), and ready-made solutions (Material-UI, Next.js, Gatsby, Create React App, React Native, Storybook) that can help them make high-quality web apps.  Thanks to the active and dedicated community backed by Facebook engineers, developers can access various tools that help them learn and improve their skills.

Explore The Top Six React Sites Meet The Needs Of Millions Of Users


Now that the React library has been widely adopted, let’s explore renowned brands that utilize React for their online presence, offering authentic and frequently used goods.


As one of the first companies to use React, Facebook has always stressed the framework’s benefits. The website has undergone considerable change, adding a new look and interesting new features. Interestingly, the Facebook team put page start time optimization at the top of their list of priorities.

This was done with Relay, a GraphQL driver for the React library. The speed at which a page loaded was improved by following the rule “as little as possible, as soon as possible.” There must be three rounds of loading:

The web page’s text is displayed, like the news feed or an online contacts list. Then the page’s most important parts, or “skeleton,” load quickly, giving a visual basis. In the final round, the site will respond immediately when visitors use features like liking and sharing material or sending comments.

The engineering team on Facebook’s tech blog talked about how they made the user experience unforgettable. This shows how they used the power of React to make Facebook’s pages work better and be more helpful.



Uber horses are big fans of React! Just look at the Uber website: it gets 50 million visitors a year. It is the number one website for ground transport, so it should give a great user experience. In this case, it’s essential to move.

The Uber technical team started using React features as soon as the website went live. It helped the team create some open-source tools that you can use in your project. The most interesting ones are made for map visualization.

Team Uber also made Base Web, a design template with UI development components that can be used repeatedly. It is built on top of React and makes creating user experiences that work on any device possible. The developers say that the system’s significant benefits are that it is reliable, easy to use, and flexible, and they recommend using it for any web project.


Netflix, a well-known video streaming service that made more than $20 billion in sales in 2019, has always put customer service and quality at the top of its list of priorities. In 2015, when they chose to change their user interface with the help of React, it was a big step on the way to becoming great.

The choice to use React was based on several important reasons. First and foremost, Netflix knew how important it was to start up quickly and how important it was to have a platform that made it easy to build and release new features quickly. They needed runtime efficiency, which React’s effective rendering and virtual DOM method gave them. This made the user experience smooth and easy to use.

Since Netflix started using React, the site has significantly changed and improved. React has continued to be the most popular front-end development tool. This lets Netflix make TV user interfaces that are very effective and keep people interested. With an easy-to-use interface, simple login steps, a clean web design, and effective content filtering, Netflix has taken over the streaming video market.

Netflix stays at the top of the entertainment market by using React’s features to develop new ideas and give viewers a better watching experience.



Airbnb, a well-known marketplace for vacation rentals, uses React as its front-end development platform. If you’ve ever used Airbnb’s website, you may have noticed how fast and smooth the page parts load. This is because of how well React handles displaying content.

Leland Richardson, a developer for Airbnb, points out two of the most important perks of React:

  • Reusability/Portability: Because React components can be used in many different ways, developers can quickly use code that has already been written and add it to different parts of an application.
  • Refactoring skills: React simplifies the process of refactoring, which makes it easy to repeat and make changes as the platform changes.

Airbnb’s use of React has been helpful as the platform has grown and changed. With each update, React gets more valuable features that help keep and improve a sizeable peer-to-peer platform like Airbnb.

Airbnb employees actively contribute to the React ecosystem by developing React Sketch.app library, catering to the needs of developers and artists alike, and showcasing their dedication to fostering the growth of the React community.


The user interface on the platform that offers coding lessons and meets the needs of more than 25 million customers are made with React. The site has a beautiful design, easy page changes, and content significantly affects millions of people’s lives.

The website is handy and easy to use. But what else does Codecademy get when React is one of the best programing tools?

The group thinks that using React to make graphics is a good idea. We’ve already said that React tools are helpful for designers. We’ll repeat it: if you use React, you can make beautiful animations for your websites with very little code. With the React framework, you can create a UX that is easy to use and a good UI.



Skyscanner is a powerful search engine that provides up-to-date information on low-cost travel options worldwide. Just stop by and take a look. There are also expensive flights available.

Skyscanner had to use the right technology stack to meet customers’ needs and build a name for itself in the travel industry. On the list is React technology.

The Skyscanner website got a big makeover in 2019. The engineering team made Backpack, which is a complete design solution. It is made with parts from React. The main goal of Backpack is to give all customers an interface that works perfectly and is the same. No matter what device people use to access Skyscanner, the brand presentation and UI/UX design are perfect.

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What Else Besides React-Based Apps Can React Be Used For?

React is a flexible tool that can be used to make many different kinds of apps, such as:

  • Single Page Apps (SPAs) are websites with only one page and change without fully reloading. Facebook is an excellent example of a React app with only one page.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are websites that work on mobile devices like native apps but don’t need to be installed. Twitter Lite, made with React, is a PWA that works well.

React suits future mobile apps because its code can be used repeatedly. You could make a React Native cross-platform mobile app with the software you used for your React website. This plan cuts down on costs, work, and time.


React, which has become a top choice for company website development, is used by big and new businesses.

React has become popular in many places, including social networks like Facebook, location-based companies like Uber, P2P networks like Airbnb, and video streaming services like Netflix. Web apps like Skyscanner and even online learning sites like Codecademy use React.

React gives companies the tools to take charge and succeed, whether starting from scratch or redoing existing solutions.

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