12 Top Ideas For Educational Apps That Startups Should Think About For 20-01

Educational apps are changing the way people learn in the digital age. Online platforms that offer interesting material, interactive quizzes, and real-time interactions are replacing traditional methods. With schools/colleges using these apps, the global eLearning market expects to be worth more than $400 billion by 2026.

As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, universities started to offer free online classes. This change happened more quickly than it would have otherwise. Traditional schools are no longer necessary for students to learn. Instead, they use digital tools and educational apps.

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A Career Guidance App

A Career Guidance App-01

Students can also fill out an application for career coaching to help them reach their goals. They need to know how the job market is doing so that it’s easier to choose their career path.

The App can make personalized suggestions based on the user’s interests, skills, and job goals.

Also, career advice apps may offer personality and skill tests to help users find jobs that match their interests and skills and to support them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

They can create networking opportunities by connecting users with experts in the field they want to work in, putting on career-related events, and giving out career-related materials.

Schools Stream Live Video App

Schools Stream Live Video App-01

The Live Video Classes Streaming App has become an essential tool in the age of online learning, especially in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools and colleges are moving to online learning. Create an app for online learning with a feature of live video streaming.


With this app, teachers can communicate from the comfort of their homes. They can make the classroom safe and convenient for students to learn. Even though students live in different places, they can still participate in live, interactive sessions where they can ask questions and join conversations, creating a good learning atmosphere.

Tutoring App

Tutoring App-01

More and more students are willing to use the Internet for their schoolwork. The Private Tutor App meets the rising demand for personalized online tutoring. Through this online tool, students can talk to qualified tutors to ask questions, get answers, and get personal attention.

Through the App, students can engage with subject-matter experts, which helps them learn more about complex topics. Students can also ask teachers for notes or other study aids to help them do better in school.

An App For Kids With Disabilities

An App For Kids With Disabilities-01

Any ed-tech business, school, college, or university can think about this second idea: to make a mobile app for kids with disabilities. Because of this software, these kids who can’t move around well can learn and study from the comfort of their own houses.

You can make this application, especially for kids with disabilities who can’t go to regular lectures and classes. They can use this program to attend live lectures and talk to professors simultaneously. This software brings together teachers and students with disabilities by giving them a place to learn regularly.

Educational Games And Quizzes App

An educational game and quiz app is fun to learn by playing games and taking questions. Students of all ages find it fun to play educational games and take quizzes on different topics. It helps people think critically and remember what they’ve learned by mixing education and entertainment to make learning fun.

It helps students participate actively in their learning and growth by giving them personalized suggestions, keeping track of their progress, and giving them prizes. This App adds to regular lessons and makes learning more fun and exciting.

Flashcard Apps

StudyBlue and other flashcard programs are examples of easy-to-use apps that candidates can use to learn. This extra study tool lets students write down all the essential information about a subject’s topic. Students can also make their flashcards or look through the flashcards of other candidates in the built-in library.

In this App, you can add music, pictures, and other things to flashcards to make them your own. Students can use this App to take quizzes, track their progress, and do other things.

Language Learning App

Language Learning App is helpful for more than just learning a language. Instead, it makes you a better speaker. If you wish to craft an educational app for kids, you can make one that helps them learn a language.

For example, Duolingo is a great online tool that helps students learn many languages. Students can learn German, Spanish or improve their language and grammar in English through fun games and activities.

With only 20 minutes of daily use, students can quickly learn a new language with the help of this App. It offers lessons on various topics to ensure effective learning. It teaches seven new words and gives you skill points for getting through each level.

You could also allow students to determine what they are good at and need to work on.

Student’s Progress Tracking App

Colleges and schools could use this mobile app idea to make an app that tracks students’ performance. Parents can easily keep track of their kids’ attendance, get real-time updates on their grades and chores, and get alerts about their kids’ behavior and achievements.

The software makes it easy for parents and teachers to get in touch with each other, which helps them work together better for the benefit of the kids. It also makes it easy to pay fees online. It keeps parents up-to-date on exam dates and other important news, creating an open and encouraging atmosphere where students can do well.

An eBooks Reading App

With eBook reading software, a student or user can easily read many books online. You can also download a different module that goes with this program if needed.

When students use this kind of App, they don’t have to carry around books or buy them. This online tool lets them quickly get to any book they want to read. In this program, they can also add notes and highlight.

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Education Apps For Autistic Kids

You can make teaching and learning easy for kids with autism via an app. The app helps them play, talk, learn new skills, and do everyday things. Education apps are special digital tools that support kids with autism to learn in ways that work best for them. These apps help them play, learn new skills, talk to each other, and perform everyday things.

The app can let children with autism engage in multisensory learning through visual aids and hands-on exercises. Parents can inspect their child’s growth and learn to help them in the best possible way. These apps help people make absolute links while supporting them to become more independent and confident. They are essential for teaching and helping people with autism ultimately.

Audio Book Summary App

The Audio Book Summary app is a good choice for people who would rather listen to books than read them. With this App, people can listen to the audio version of any book, just like they would listen to music. It eliminates the need to read manuals or use tools that work with text.

The software is beneficial when you can’t read, such as moving or driving. Users spend mostly time enjoy reading while on the go by using the App to listen to the whole book.

The Audio Book Summary app provides a smooth audio experience that lets users learn from a novel, self-help book, or educational material without the limits of traditional reading methods. It allows people to interact with books and learn more, making literature easier to understand and fun.

A Dictionary App

You must improve your language skills to perform on a qualification test like the SAT. Adding quizzes, riddles, and word games to vocabulary is a simple app idea that will help students improve their vocabulary while making learning fun and easy.

People must build a reliable word bank to explain their ideas clearly. You can learn new words and enhance your spelling, pronunciation, orthography, phrase formation, and other skills with the right App for building your vocabulary.

Are You Interested in Creating an Educational App?

Education is a way to get more chances and spend in the future. Investing in young people’s schooling will help them become more innovative, better, and capable.

When kids use educational apps, they have more freedom to be artistic, which helps them learn more. They make it easier for parents and kids to talk to each other and work together.

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